Rocket Scientist. Hitchhiking to space.


Genuino uno

I have a wide range of skills and experience across multiple disciplines. Most recently I worked for CenturyLink in the Consumer Repair department assisting customers and other agents with technical issues ranging from rebooting equipment to rebuilding line provisioning. While here, I worked as a full-stack web developer to design, build, implement, and maintain tools to make it easier for agents to fix client issues while providing tracking and metrics for management. These tools greatly improved the efficiency of the entire department.

I have also spent time working with programmable microcontrollers such as the Arduino to design and build replica and custom movie props. Many of these have included custom lights and sound triggered both by button press and by motion to accurately simulate the products as seen on the big screen.

I specialize in and greatly enjoy fixing things. This could be fixing a knowledge gap people have about the differences between IMAP and POP3 email and why they can't get email on their phone and computer. Or a physical breakage like a high-powered LED releasing its magic smoke from a prop at a convention and needing a replacement. It could also be a technology I am unfamiliar with. Hunting down and learning new information to fix a gap in my proficiency is possibly my greatest skill.

Specialties include:
Computer Hardware Networking Systems Engineering Program & Project Management
Microsoft Windows Linux Leadership Research
Technical Writing HTML/CSS/JS Microsoft Office Program Analysis



Original Cluebat

Knetik Multimedia

Software Engineer

Full stack engineer for Angular JS and Node.js projects developed using the in-house JSAPI API.

Original Cluebat


Original Cluebat is the official provider of the novelty Original Cluebat. Designed to assist people when they just don't have a clue, these small wooden bats are the perfect office accessory.


Technical Support Specialist 4

  • Developed processes for front-line technicians to assist with diagnosing and troubleshooting customer issues
  • Built web-based tools to streamline the front-line technician's troubleshooting process
  • Trained and wrote technical documentation for the usage of web-based tools
  • Rebuilt provisioning and settings in remote devices to repair and upgrade customer data services
  • Upgraded firmware and provided driver support for internal and external equipment
  • Assisted with configuring customer equipment including phones, computers, and modems
    Customer Service
  • Received customer supervisor escalations and placated irate customers
  • Worked with colleagues in other departments to quickly resolve the customer's issues on the first call
  • Provided troubleshooting support and customer training for internet, IPTV, and voice repair issues



UCF Library

Bachelors of Science, Engineering Technology: Space Science

University of Central Florida

    Primary Focus
  • Rigorous study of Spacecraft Design, Spaceflight Dynamics, Rocket Propulsion, Orbital Mechanics, Power Systems, and Spacecraft Communications
    Additional Studies
  • Project Management, Operations, and Logistics
  • Information Systems Technology and implementation in enterprise environments, including Logic Controller programming, OSI Model, and Low Level Signaling methods